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Grinch Cupcake Tutorial

These Grinch cupcakes are easy and fun to make for a special holiday treat!

Materials Needed:

*Your Favorite Cupcakes, Baked and Cooled

*A Batch of Buttercream Frosting

*Red, Black, Green, and Yellow Gel Food Coloring

*Piping Bags


*Decorating Tips: 2A, 233(Grass Tip), 3, 2, 1M (Open Star), 16 (Smaller open star)

*5 Bowls for mixing colors

Before we begin decorating we need to prep our colors. Start with making your buttercream. This tutorial uses an American Buttercream Recipe. Put 1/2 cup of frosting in 2 of the bowls. Split the rest of the frosting in the remaining bowls. In the first bowl with 1/2 a cup of frosting, mix in your black. Let this set to develop its color. In your other bowl with 1/2 a cup of frosting, mix in your yellow. In the remaining bowls you will have a red one, green one, and keep one white. I didn't have any red dye on hand so our deeper red was made by mixing burgundy, pink, and orange. Once you are done mixing your colors you should have the following: Green (for the Grinch's Fur), Red, (for the Santa hat), White (for the trim of the hat), Yellow (for the eyes), and Black (for the face features).

Now let's bag your colors. Cut the tip of your bag and put a piping tip in each bag. Only the top 1/3 of the tip should be sticking out of your bag. When filling your bag, only fill to the dotted line on your bags. This gives you more control of your piping bag and less mess.

Fill the bags with the following:

2A Tip (large open circle) - Green

233 Tip (Grass tip) - Green

3 (Medium Circle tip ) - Yellow

2 (Small Circle tip ) - Black

1M (Open Star tip) - Red

16 (Smaller Star tip) - White

Now you are ready! Watch the video for the remaining steps . Tag us on social media to show us how your cupcakes turned out!

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