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Valentine's Day for Kids

Valentine's day looked different in our house this year. Normally we have a romantic seafood dinner, wine, and a movie. This year it was candy, crafts, and everything heart shaped! Here is a peak into how we celebrated Valentine's Day with our almost 3 year old.

We started our morning with heart shaped waffles. We found a vintage waffle maker, used our favorite Bisquick mix, added some food coloring, for a cheap and festive breakfast.

For Lunch we did a "toddler approved" charcuterie board. We had turkey and cheese sandwiches, yogurt covered pretzels, heart shaped strawberries, apple slices, heart shaped cheese, pepperonis, heart cucumbers, pink gold fish, mandarin oranges, and Valentine Chocolate Cake snacks.

After Lunch we did some Valentines arts and crafts. Stella made Mommy and Daddy a bouquet of Forever Flowers.

For Dinner we had homemade heart shaped pizzas. Fun for the family and even more fun to eat!

For desert we had a Red Velvet Cookie Pie. I have been obsessed with making pies lately. Let me kow in the comments if you want this pie recipe!

After the kids are asleep, don't forget to treat your self with some wine and fresh chocolate dipped strawberries.

Happy Valentines Day!

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